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Green Letterbox


Key Contact: Nick Keegan, CEO

*Your Digital Post Box Has Arrived*

Green Letterbox is Ireland's first and only digital postal service. This service allows you to receive post, from all of your service providers, through a confidential and secure online post-box. At we have built 2.2 million FREE digital post-boxes, one for every single home in Ireland! You can now log onto or download the mobile app and simply claim the free digital post-box which has been assigned to your house.

Green Letterbox's secure online platform is revolutionising the way businesses and consumers communicate and interact with each other. Green Letterbox is encouraging businesses to digitise their customer correspondence, not only to slash costs by up to 80% and improve efficiency, but to provide consumers with a secure and safe place to store and pay their bills.

Companies are now able to send bills, statements and letters in a digital format directly to a consumer's digital post box, safe in the knowledge the service is protected by the same security standards as those required by internet banking.

Service providers will be able to send bills, statements and other correspondence in a digital format directly to their digital post-box, which can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Not only will this prove far more efficient, but consumers will also benefit by having all of their documents securely stored in one place - for life.

However, just like the traditional postal system, consumers can also use their digital post-box to send payments to their service providers. In fact, people can link the service to their calendar to ensure that a payment date is never missed again.

Green Letterbox is built to the highest of security standards and we conform to the same standards expected of banks and other major financial institutions so you can be sure that all of your data is encrypted and protected to the highest of industry standards. You're in safe hands.

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Dublin 11

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Tel: 01 6520669