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Irish International

Key Contact: Ian Young

Irish International produces great brand communications ideas.

We do so on the back of penetrating insight and we pride ourselves on consistent executional excellence.

We produce tailored campaigns for specific brands to reach, entertain and engage with particular consumers.

We've got more than 80 talented people working across three areas of expertise - Advertising, Shopper and CRM. Although each of these specialisms can be accessed separately as they cover the full range of brand comms needs - awareness, consideration, transaction, post-purchase experience, re-consideration - our clients benefit most when we build solutions simultaneously across the three.

You'll see our work everywhere - whether it's in-trade, online, in print or on air - for some of the most famous brands in Ireland or, indeed, the world.

Lots of our work travels but we're primarily here to help brands connect with consumers in Ireland.

In that context, we're more committed to consumer and comms planning than any other agency in the country.

We've got the biggest creative department around as well. Thankfully, it's talented too, as our awards over the past few years demonstrate (we like producing famous work but we really like doing work that works which is why we're especially proud to be in the top 3 on IAPI's AdFx Awards Roll of Honour).

We're also a member of BBDO Worldwide, the most awarded, most creative network in the world, a network comprised of the most fantastic agencies in over 80 countries.

Besides new projects from our existing clients, over the past 12 months, we've been appointed to work on EBS, Pinergy, 98FM, The Health & Safety Authority, The Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland and IDA and we've been reappointed to handle EirGrid and UPC.

If you think we might be able to help your business grow, if you believe you might like to work here or if you're just wondering what the tea's like (it's Barry's so it'll be good), please call Ian Young on 2060600 or email him at

Address Details

17 Gilford Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4

Contact Details

Tel: 01 206 0600